“I noticed the effects immediately after starting the therapy” – a patient with Crohn’s Disease.


Crohn’s Disease and Medical Marijuana

I found out about my diagnosis exactly 7 years ago – Crohn’s Disease. I thought it couldn’t possibly be that bad. Unfortunately, the symptoms bothered me every day. I was a prisoner of the disease. I couldn’t stop losing weight, and I had to go to the bathroom frequently. How can you function normally when the pain is unbearable?

I heard about the therapy from a doctor a few years ago. I didn’t decide on it right away. I began considering undergoing treatment with medical cannabis when I saw an article discussing the positive effects of using therapy for my condition.

I have been a patient treated with medical marijuana for half a year now. It’s undeniable – the comfort of my life has significantly improved. I don’t go to the bathroom as frequently, and finally, the pain is not as intense as before. I recommend cannabis therapy to anyone who suffers from conditions that qualify for treatment.