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Patient Caregiver

Centrum Medycyny Konopnej

Patient Caregiver

The dedicated Patient Caregiver, who takes care of patients comprehensively from the first contact, provides assistance, dispels doubts, offers support, and stays in touch with the patient at every stage of treatment.

We achieve maximum comfort and safety through individual video meetings. The Patient Caregiver provides instruction and assistance in the use of the therapy recommended by the doctor. They are always ready to talk, advise, and answer most of your questions.

How to prepare for treatment?

Filling out the application form

Providing information about your health condition

Creating a patient account in our system

Medical Consultation

First visit


Initiate a video consultation

The first teleconsultation visit is similar to a video conversation, with the doctor on one side and the patient on the other.


Patient identity verification

Before starting the medical part, the doctor is obliged to verify whether the patient is the right person. The patient will be required to present an ID card or other document confirming their identity and provide their PESEL number. The number will be necessary for issuing prescriptions for medications if there is a valid reason for it.


Deepening of the medical interview and analysis of the patient’s condition

At this stage, the doctor will ask some additional questions to thoroughly understand your health issue. They will help determine the best form of therapy for your case. The doctor will also decide whether to start therapy or order additional tests if necessary.


Discussing the next visits

Usually, after 3-4 weeks, the second appointment (teleconsultation) takes place, and it is shorter than the first one. Its purpose is to check whether the prescribed medication is producing the desired therapeutic effects and what can be done to achieve better therapy results.


The same effectiveness – faster and safer

You don’t have to leave your home or get stuck in traffic to talk to a specialist doctor and receive a sick leave or e-prescription. Take advantage of the free support from Patient Caregiver, who will guide you through all the stages of the treatment process within your therapy.

E-prescription, which you can easily fulfill at the pharmacy by providing only your PESEL number and the PIN code that will be sent to your phone number.

Free support from a Patient Care Advisor, the option to consult with an on-call doctor, as well as access to educational visits such as individual vaporization instruction, will help you ensure that you are following the doctor’s recommendations correctly.

Thanks to the online platform, all information about your therapy will be in one place. You will also receive informational materials useful for familiarizing yourself with this form of therapy.

Our doctor will issue the necessary certificate

Price list

Consultation - first visit
169 PLN
Prescription visit - continuation of treatment
159 PLN

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