Patient Stories

Patient after a spinal injury

Mr. Mariusz* turned to the CMK when he learned that medical marijuana could facilitate his return to activity after a spinal injury he suffered in a car accident. He hoped that medical cannabis would allow him to reduce the doses of strong painkillers and improve the quality of his daily life.

Patient with Crohn’s Disease

I found out about my diagnosis exactly 7 years ago – Crohn’s Disease. I thought it couldn’t possibly be that bad. Unfortunately, the symptoms bothered me every day. I was a prisoner of the disease. I couldn’t stop losing weight, and I had to go to the bathroom frequently. How can you function normally when the pain is unbearable?

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Patient with Multiple Sclerosis

I suffer from MS, otherwise known as multiple sclerosis. What characterizes my disease? Among other symptoms, muscle spasms. 10 years ago, I had to come to terms with the fact that from now on, I wouldn’t have full control over my body. The doctor who diagnosed me and has been treating me for many years mentioned the effectiveness of therapy with medical cannabis.

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Patient with cancer

A malignant tumor with numerous metastases – that was the diagnosis I received when I went to pick up my test results. I’m a mother, I run a business, I’m only 34 years old. Why me? However, it wasn’t the time for questions, but for fighting the disease. Changes in the bones caused excruciating pain. Indescribable pain.

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Patient with Leukemia

As chronic fatigue accompanied me every day (without fail), my wife sent me for preventive examinations. The receipt of the results dampened my enthusiasm. My blood was taken again. I was informed to report to my family doctor. That’s when words were spoken that caused a storm in my life – suspicion of leukemia

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Patient with brain cancer

Exactly 9 years ago, I was diagnosed with brain cancer. I began standard therapy. I underwent radiotherapy as well as numerous surgeries aimed at removing the tumor.

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