“I noticed the effects immediately after starting the therapy” – a patient after a spinal injury.


Mr. Mariusz* turned to the CMK when he learned that medical marijuana could facilitate his return to activity after a spinal injury he suffered in a car accident. He hoped that medical cannabis would allow him to reduce the doses of strong painkillers and improve the quality of his daily life.

Pain after Injury and medical marijuana

“I was involved in a car accident that resulted in severe bodily injuries. I was transported from the scene of the accident to the hospital, where I was informed about my damaged spine,” Mr. Mariusz shares.

That wasn’t the end of the bad news: it turned out that his knee and foot were also seriously injured. The patient underwent several surgeries, including foot reconstruction. The surgery itself was a major challenge for the doctors, and the pain, paralysis, and the need for long-term rehabilitation significantly changed Mr. Mariusz’s life.

“I bravely endured all the surgeries. Besides, I had to face spinal fusion. I knew that long months of rehabilitation awaited me, and returning to fitness was a tedious process. I was accompanied by considerable pain, for which doctors prescribed me various painkillers, including the strongest ones – opioids,” the patient recalls.

One day, Mr. Mariusz came across an article from which he learned about the support of pain treatment with medical marijuana. According to the WHO analgesic ladder, medical marijuana is considered a so-called coanalgesic, meaning a non-opioid and non-steroidal drug that aids in pain relief by acting differently than painkillers.

“What motivated me? Above all, the desire to minimize the medications I was taking. Another argument that tipped the scales in favor of the decision was the possibility of improving daily functioning. It’s not easy living with chronic pain,” says Mr. Mariusz.

After starting the therapy, he immediately noticed the effects. He managed to reduce the doses of strong painkillers, regain the will to live, and return to work. The patient says that despite being diagnosed with moderate disability, he is professionally active and does not have to worry about spinal and limb pain.

“I am fully satisfied with the results and recommend therapy at CMK to anyone who is in a similar situation,” our patient concludes.

*To maintain his anonymity, the patient’s name has been changed.

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