“I noticed the effects immediately after starting the therapy” – a patient with leukemia.


Leukemia and medical marijuana

As chronic fatigue accompanied me every day (without fail), my wife sent me for preventive examinations. The receipt of the results dampened my enthusiasm. My blood was taken again. I was informed to report to my family doctor. That’s when words were spoken that caused a storm in my life – suspicion of leukemia

My wife was very worried, but I never lost hope until the very end. After consulting with an oncologist and undergoing additional tests, it was confirmed that the diagnosis was accurate. That’s how my reality changed, and so I began my journey with medical marijuana. The symptoms were multiplying – they were exhausting me. I was struggling to get through day by day.

Because I deeply love life, I couldn’t just give up. My doctor told me about cannabis therapy as an adjunct to oncological treatment. I decided to try it. I made an appointment. I was too weak, so the visit took place online. I learned the details of the therapy and, after qualifying and receiving a prescription, I started vaporization. The ailments that were a result of the disease significantly minimized. Thanks to the treatment and mm therapy, I could return to my daily duties. My beloved wife finally smiles, seeing how my well-being has improved.

If I could add something from myself, I would like to tell people who, like me, had to come to terms with their diagnosis, to also be open to natural treatments. The fight for a better quality of life is possible.