“I noticed the effects immediately after starting the therapy” – a patient with cancer.


Cancer and Medical Marijuana

A malignant tumor with numerous metastases – that was the diagnosis I received when I went to pick up my test results. I’m a mother, I run a business, I’m only 34 years old. Why me? However, it wasn’t the time for questions, but for fighting the disease. Changes in the bones caused excruciating pain. Indescribable pain. I fought it with standard painkillers, like morphine. I didn’t feel good on them. I was drowsy, absent, groggy.

When I learned about therapy with medical cannabis, I decided to try it. After all, I had nothing to lose. I approached the topic very seriously. At first, I vaporized the dry herb every 3 hours. I was very systematic about it. I dedicated myself to the therapy. Today, I have no regrets. The effect didn’t appear immediately. It was my tough fight for a better tomorrow. Over time, I began to reduce the amount of cannabis I was taking. The time between doses also changed. My well-being significantly improved. In addition to therapy with medical marijuana, I attend numerous treatments and massages. People who have been working with me from the beginning praise my calmness. They notice that I am not as nervous as I used to be.

Medical cannabis helped me not only with pain and well-being but also caused my daily vomiting to stop. My appetite returned, which was a significant challenge. My aversion to food didn’t pass. At my worst, I weighed just 41 kg. How could I fight when I was so weak? Given my illness, it’s obvious that my immunity had deteriorated. I contracted COVID-19 twice. The therapy with medical marijuana (as I was already undergoing it) helped me get through it mildly. Natural methods help.

I would like the awareness of cannabis around the world to increase significantly. Besides the standard fight against cancer, mm therapy has had a very positive impact on my life. Today, I accept my situation and share my story with you.