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Centrum Medycyny Konopnej S.A.

The Cannabis Medicine Center is a specialized medical facility offering comprehensive medical marijuana therapy.

The company has been operating since June 2021. In the first quarter of 2022, it plans to open its first stationary clinic in Warsaw.

The business and operational area within the company is overseen by the Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder fund, specializing in financing promising startups.

CMK aims to be the first public company in the medical marijuana industry.

The mission of the Center for Cannabis Medicine is to provide the highest quality services to individuals seeking relief from daily suffering, including patients for whom modern medicine is unable to offer more.

Board Management

Centrum Medycyny Konopnej S.A.

Jakub Smęda

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)


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The fate of medical marijuana cultivation hangs in the balance.

Comment by Konrad Gładkowski – President of CMK


“We are glad that WP2 Investments has joined the group of shareholders – a fund that invests in companies and industries for which innovation is the leitmotif.”

Konrad Gładkowski – President of CMK


“This is an important step for thousands of patients.”

Konrad Gładkowski – President of the CMK on draft laws.

Mam Startup

„The only thing worse than a bad investment…”

Konrad Gładkowski – The president of CMK comments.

Investor calendar

  • February 2022 – opening of a stationary clinic in a prestigious location in Warsaw
  • July 2021 – we launched an online clinic in which our specialists conduct teleconsultations
  • March 2021 – we obtained the Company’s entry in the Register of Medical Entities

Regulating the sale of cannabis in Germany is a sensible step. The black market will suffer and the State Treasury will benefit. Fortunately, cannabis is less and less associated only with a narcotic substance. They are also successfully used in medicine and help people, for example, during rehabilitation.

Konrad GładkowskiPresident of CMK, for Kierunek Farmacja

A medical center treating marijuana will be established in Warsaw. CMK has been entered into the register of entities performing medical activities and is now starting the commercial sale of services.

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THC Pathfinder will put medical marijuana on the stock exchange.<br>
A fund that, among others, creates companies from scratch, focusing on medical marijuana therapy. He wants to ask individual investors for money and introduce a new company to NewConnect.

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